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Monday, July 8, 2013

Create System Center Service Manager Service Offering based on new SCVMM service with runbook automation

Assuming you have created a working runbook that creates automatically a service instance in SCVMM (refer to runbook example then you can proceed and use this runnbook in in Service manager –
Create template with class set to “Runbook Automation Activity”
In the template form select a runbook and fill the initial data

Create template with class set to “Service Request”, it is required to appear later in the droplist

In the template forms activities tab click plus icon
And the select the activity you want to add to the request workflow
Define at what stage of workflow this activity will execute.
Now you can define a request offering (Library - Service Catalog – Request offering - Create) by selecting a template we just created above
We may want to ask user to provide new VM ServiceName
And map it to runbook initial data variable ServiceName
Set publish status to Published.

Now you can create Service Offering and link it to this request offering

Set status of service offering to published and you now can start requesting it from Self-service portal or directly in the SM console.

Service request is in progress:
Service Manager -
Orchestrator -
Virtual Machine Manager -

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