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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Alerts in Sharepoint MOSS 2007

We have several complaints from users that they do not receive alerts. The log shows that alerts subscription are ok, but they are security trimmed. Looks strange because users actully can see the files in this document library. Logs looks like:
02/23/2010 09:10:55.88 OWSTIMER.EXE (0x04F0) 0x03C8 Windows SharePoint Services Timer 95lg Verbose Alertsjob results for immediate delivery: 334 prematches, 54 passed filtering, 24 of 54 passed security trimming, 24 final after rollup
02/23/2010 09:10:56.36 OWSTIMER.EXE (0x04F0) 0x03C8 Windows SharePoint Services Timer 95l5 Verbose AlertsJob processed 24 immediate notifications in 24 digests, sent 24 emails, failed to send 0 emails

I opened a call at Microsoft, but they could not get more data on why this security trimming is happening. They start claiming that nested AD groups are not supported by Sharepoint. Indeed the users that are included to nested AD groups were trimmed. They provided few links, but mentioned that Technet article is not released for public. After a while I discovered that alerts started to work normally even with nested AD groups. In meantime I changed account under which timer job is working from local to Domain. I can not recall any other change, may be except refreshing security on the library in question. So that must be it, timer job account must be domain in order to send alerts even to users of nested Active Direcotry groups. In any case let me give you MS provided links here: - Explains the problem & a work around is provided - # 3 is Important - It talks about work around as well