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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Windows 8 is essentially Windows 7 with new GUI

For the set of old apps Windows 8 is the same as Windows 7, I was able to install without any problem, SAP GUI 7.20, TrendMicro antivirus. There is embeded Windows Defender in Windows 8, but it has to be switched off to let Trend to run.

The magic is unlocked when you have real "METRO" app in hand. Then Windows 8 (with WinRT) will shine differently. As you know, WinRT gives an asyncronous framework for fluid interface, it is more secure, as it run apps in isolated enviroment where not all user right are immediately given to an app, etc, etc.

Windows 8 Enterprise first look

Hi, I'm trying to install Windows 8 Enteprise from the DVD I received from Microsoft about a month ago. Looks good, setup is hyper easy.

Now I need to activate it and booms! I do not have Volume activation in my network. Actually there is a update that fixes that, but it is not available in our company.

This article explains how to deal with this situation:

Let me try first  with mak, since this is a test lab install....and it works! Windows 8 is activated with mak.

New(old) key to remember Winkey-R  since there is no start button. This is how to run programs by manually typing command line. Another way is to move mouse to right top corner and select search....

Friday, October 12, 2012

getting PMP

Preparing myself for PMP certification - two days training from and ordered a book "PMP Exam Prep, Seventh Edition: Rita's Course in a Book for Passing the PMP Exam"


Re-reading old training materials TERP10 and ADM325 Software logistics - ISBN 1-59229-059-0  (SAP Change and Transport Management, Achim Kosegi, Rainer Nerding)  - very good reading - comparable to Dan Brown - joking :)