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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Lync voice routing: block 9xx premium numbers

Here is an example of the route patters that does not allow calls to 9xx numbers in Germany








Thursday, December 10, 2015

Wav file with G.723.1 codec can not be played in Windows Media Player of Windows 8

To solve the issue follow the advice on this link:!topic/

"I ended up copying the msg723.acm file from a Windows 2003 Server,  dropped 
it in the \windows\syswow64 directory, then creating a registry entry to the
file under
REG_SZ  msacm.msg723 = msg723.acm .
Now the codec shows up in the Media Player About listing and I can play back 
the call recordings.


Indeed it works much better now.  I have this kind of file generated a voice recording in Altigen MaxACD Call center WAV G.723.1 ((khz, 8bit, Mono, 0.8kb/sec)

the other choice is WAV GSM and WAV PCM. The latter can be played in Media Player out of the box.