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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lync 485 Ambiguous error

Getting an error in Lync 2013:

SIP/2.0 485 Ambiguous
ms-user-logon-data: RemoteUser
Authentication-Info: TLS-DSK qop="auth", opaque="xx", srand="xx", snum="18", rspauth="xx", targetname="xx", realm="SIP Communications Service", version=4
From: ;tag=xx;epid=xx
To: ;tag=xx
Call-ID: xx
Via: SIP/2.0/TLS xxx:xx;received=xxx;ms-received-port=xx;ms-received-cid=xx
ms-diagnostics: 4199;reason="Multiple users associated with the target phone number";HRESULT="0x8004C3CD";processing-cluster="xx";processing-frontend="xx";source="xx"
Server: RTC/5.0
Content-Length: 0

In the enviroment we have a

+1xxxxxxxxx  - number of main non-Lync autoattendant.  This number does not exist in Lync, but there are several (two) non-DID users with


Even after removing the second user, the error persist. It is strange, since there is no other user or contact or else who use +1xxxxxxxxx - checked with 

There is some info that it might be a bug of Lync -

I will post update on this....
UPDATE: selected another DID to be used as base for extension and it works ok. Note that there is no direct DID defined in the system, only ones with extensions.
Lync does not like ext to be mixed with no ext. For the example above you have to add ext=1 or any other ext for the main number.


Korbyn said...

I found a similar problem with 485 and 4199 Ambiguous errors, where scripts weren't finding the duplicate until I realized the users private line was also set to the LineURI, but not including the ;ext=xxxx. So, similar behaviour of having a single number for extension dialing, but forgetting to set ALL objects with that main number with an ext.

Another script that seems to spit out every possible item that has a phone number, including PrivateLine, is Get-AssignedLineURI.ps1:

Daniyar said...

yes, absolutely, Lync will treat xxx and xxx;ext=yyy as duplicate...