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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Intel chipset Z77 vs X79

As anyone who is trying to get more than 32GB on a home lab PC, I asked the same question: What motherboard do I need to obtain more than 32 GB RAM. The answer is not so simple, as the popular Z77 and H77 are not supporting RAM over 32GB. At this moment the only choice is X79.  The drawback is that you need LGA 2011 socket processor and that fact is that Z77 is more recent than X79. So, no 3rd generation  I7 support for this one. Waiting for Intel to tic-tac further and hopefully further price drops...

So from timing and price point of view, anyone should be happy with Z77 (or H77 locked) and quite affordable CPU I7-3770K (or I7-3700 locked) = limited to 32GB RAM and 4/8 cores.

If you are ready to wait until June 2013, then you may save some money on current lineup since a new one is getting ready: 4th generation of Intel CPU and Z87, H87, etc. chipsets - refer to

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