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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Poylcom VVX UC software and lyncdiscoverinternal

Hello, small note for those who is trying to adapt lyncdiscoverinternal to point to external Reverse Proxy in order to find a good ballance for SFB mobile users.  Mobile phones do not have corporate CA root certificates installed by default.

Apparently Polycom VVX UC software  require that lyncdiscoverinternal point to internal IP, if not it will product a very "descriptive" error:

SSL_get_error Error code=5,rc(0)

The workaround is to disable lync autodiscover and point directly to an internal host:



or in the phone advanced menu in sign-in dialog.

or change lyncdiscoverinternal to point back home.

It looks like this is a new situation, as it seems older versions worked ok.

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