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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Testing Lync edge

When you test firewall rules for Lync edge installation you can use several different tools.

msturnping  (part of reskit) can test AV ports for media transfers.

telnet - can test tcp ports like 443 or 8057.

nmap can be used to test UDP:

nmap -sU -p 3478 
to test internal STUN port
nmap -sU -p 3478 -S  
to test external STUN (we also need to specify AV source IP, because by default it may take Access IP or WebConf IP, etc)

If you want continuos packets to be sent (if you need to see packets passing in firewall monitor) - STUN from internal Pc to edge:

nping  --udp -p 3478 -g 3478 -c 20000

some real tests output - for nmap -sU -p 3478 -  it responds HOST IS UP:

Host is up (0.013s latency).
3478/udp open|filtered unknown

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