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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Can not start VM from a saved state

After unclean stop of host server Windows 2012, VMs could not start with errors:

Event ID:      18160
Failed to get summary information for virtual machine 'SCO2012' (Virtual machine ID C2C460B1-60F5-410F-A976-857AF0387131). Error: %%2147778581 (0x80048015).

Event ID:      3070
'SCO2012' could not read or update virtual machine configuration: %%2147778581 (0x80048015). (Virtual machine ID C2C460B1-60F5-410F-A976-857AF0387131)

Event ID:      3040
'SCO2012' could not initialize. (Virtual machine ID C2C460B1-60F5-410F-A976-857AF0387131)

The practical solution is to "Delete saved state" in hyper-v manager or "Discard Saved State" in SCVMM 2012 and start VM. For critical systems you probably need to take several precautions, like to have backup, export, etc., to be able to rollback any change before you do the change.

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