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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hyper-v vhd vs vhdx file format in Windows 2012 and 8

Windows 2012 offers new format of VM disk file vhdx, obviously name inspired by docx xlsx pptx from Office platform.  The main advantage of using vhdx is disk space above 2T. However,  it is also faster due to large block size,  more resilient sure to new disk log, supports natively 4kb sector disks (look for AF in disk specs) and has user defined metadata. There is also a highly expected feature called "Trim/Unmap" - you know it from SSD world - which will notify underlying file system or hardware that free space can be returned to storage.

You can convert from one format to another assuming you have no space limitations. So, you still have vhd? What are you waiting for?

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