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Friday, March 15, 2013

Problem solving

There is a number of different tools that one can use to solve a problem:

- use four step approach: define a problem, analyse options, select, implement

- simplify (remove details to understand  a general problem)
- decompose (divide to a smaller manageable problems)
- 5 whys, ask 5 time why is this happening to drill down to a root cause
- brainstorm solutions (list all possible and even impossible solutions), then select
- cause and effect diagram
- Analyse fact's impacts by drill down with "So what?" question
- trial and errors (random)
- heuristic (intuition)
- prototype (or reproduce in a lab)
- TRIZ (systematic approach - define specific problem, generalise, find general solution, find specific solution): 40 tools, like imagine a final product, inversion, etc.
- view the problem from several angles (Customers, Actors, Transformation, World, Owner, Environement)
- solution failure analysis: What can go wrong? 
- many other tools

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