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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Exchange cluster error id 1146

On a Exchange 2003 SP2, W2003SP2, Veritas Software Foundation 4.3 MP2, Scanmail 7.0
we have an error: ClusSvc Warning Failover Mgr 1146 N/A SCHGVAEX001 The cluster resource monitor died unexpectedly, an attempt will be made to restart it.

The cluster gets restarted causing about 3 minutes downtime for users. It repeats few times during a month. The Ms KB does not apply in our case. The problem started after Windows Server 2003 SP2.

MS recommends to run non-MS cluster resources in separate monitors - option option “Run this resource in a separate Resource Monitor” of the cluster admin console. I applied this to Veritas volumes and Scanmail

Let's wait and see what it will bring.

update: problem is gone!!!
update: not really, error is back again. I hope it will not be so often.


Anonymous said...

I've got exactly the same problem.
I also use Win2003 SP2, storage foundation 4.3, exchange 2003 and scanmail.

Have you find the solution ???


Daniyar said...

yes, I have Symantec patch, it was a private patch at that time:


vxres.dll 4.3.2000.359
cluscmd.dll 4.3.2000.359

Private Hotfix
vxres.dll 4.3.2024.360
cluscmd.dll 4.3.2021.359

You can ask Symantec to provide this private fix.

Anonymous said...


You are right, I found the issue :