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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ticker from HP Insight Manager

Last few days I was trying to get some systems health information from HP SIM on intranet. Finally it works (with spagetti of scripts).
mxquery.cmd script on HPSIM server:
mxquery -e "Critical Systems"|find "DeviceName:"|perl -pe s/DeviceName://|sort

on another server (with IIS):

- installed OpenSSH (from HP) and created password-less connection for local user s-chssh.
- perl script connects to the HPSIM using Net::SSH and calls mxquery.cmd script

Now it should be easy to call this script from Web application. Do not forget to impersonate IIS to act as user s-chssh.

HPSIM also provides reports - call mxreport -e report_name.

All above can be simplified if there is IIS (or other web) on HPSIM server. If I can get PerlEx to work with ssh. If I can get ASP to work with ssh.

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